Yellow in the interior design

Yellow in the interior design

Each color has a unique impact in the atmosphere. Yellow is a cheerful color, brighten up the spaces and makes them feel warmer and lighter. Painting walls with yellow or using it as an accent, it may create a pleasant and warm environment.

 Yellow color adds optimism to your room, provoke happiness feelings to everybody who gets in. Yellow activate the memory, stimulating the nervous system and promote communication and creativity

Just like all colors, controlling the tone you control the mood.

  1. Light yellow works as a soothing
  2. Sunshine yellow brings summer into your home
  3. Pale yellow helps to enlarge a room
  4. Hallways and windowless rooms could get better with strong and saturate colors. Shade will create a light illusion.
  5. Buttery yellow makes you feel warm, while light yellow might you feel relaxed.

When you choose a color palette, you have to thing about the whole picture. Choosing the primary, secondary and accent colors. Yellow can be any of those.

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