Mexican design, unique identity language

Mexican design, unique identity language

Design is a story written on paper. When we talk about Mexican design, the unconscious says color, texture and national folklore.

For many years the majority of Mexican designers denied the reality that crushes us today. Mexican design is not only vivid colors, indigenous shapes, wrestlers, or the lady of Guadalupe. Mexican design is an expression form with high content of concept. It is a language of a nation with a unique identity.

It is not temporary fashion; it has its origins well based on all stories that created Mexico, from the vivid colors, the soul of the Mexican spirit, optimistic and cheerful.

There is no color theory. There is no post design justification for this. Mexico is full of color. Repetition and saturation of elements are other constant in the Mexican design: we find it within textiles, prehispanic walls, murals, markets, among others.

Mitla pyramids – repetitive interior design, Oaxaca Mexico

It is a pure form of expression; this is the way to tell a story with daily used elements. These are just a few examples of Mexican design that today are trendy in the interior of the contemporary design.

Today all this complex and culturally weighty content of Mexican design is seen from wall papers, furniture, textiles and even architecture and graphic design. Now a days there is a great pride of Mexican design, because today it is understood as the summary of thousands of years of heritage.

Design and architecture have the same origin because both are guided to create something to satisfy human necessities, for the consumer or the creator. They are related with all arts because they are expression forms. As a universal language, it is made to everyone, since there is no distinction between age, gender, or nationality.

Even though there are new fashion propositions constantly, we can not talk about a sole design trend, thus the satisfaction is generated by the spectrum made by all proposals that give us the option to chose the  best for us, in between this variety of possibilities, the majority based on the interpretation of us.

Mexican design follows international trends and influences them at the same time; also offers an important artistic tradition that is not only the heritage from our ancestors.

The Mexican talents have outlined for innovative ideas, even the ones not accepted for everyone. The Mexican artist always face a highly competitive atmosphere, locally but also a broad. For some of them the secret is the solid conceptual origin behind the design work, where the job comes from. 

The Mexican design has been welcomed abroad, contrary, in our country is not valued maybe because of our malinchismo*.

The artistic transformations have a strong link with historical moments, social necessities, and technological events. Through the design we can understand social, politic, and religious events from other periods of time.

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